Help: Image File Layouts

     This page shows the two layouts you may use for organizing your images.

     All views are from a web site perspective, the layout for images inside your pictures area (/pics):

     An example of a Collection and Album group:
          Collection:  Family
               Album:  Sally_and_Bobs_Wedding
               Album:  Twins_Grad_2008
Standard Layout: Collection/Album/images/image1.jpg...

      →Collection (Directory for related sets of pictures)
            →Album (Sub-Directory of Collection for one picture set)
                  →images (if defined, Sub-Directory of Album holding the images otherwise they will go in the Album directory (see note #2 below))

Collections without Albums: Collection/images/image1.jpg...

      →Collection (Directory for related sets of pictures)
            →images (if defined, Sub-Directory of Collection holding the images otherwise they will go in the Collection directory (see note #2 below))

  1. Thumbnail directories are not displayed here. Thumbnails are auto generated when you run "Make Thumbs & Resize Images"
  2. Both Image and Thumbnail directories are based on a variable set during the initial setup.
    • if left empty, then images will be expected and/or thumbnails will be created in the parent directory (usually the Album)
    • you can view the settings in "View System Details" under "Paths & Directories"
    • these must remain the same across all Collections and typically should not be changed (see next note)
  3. If you decide to reorganize things and change either Image and Thumbnail directories variables you will need to empty the Database Table and reinventory all your images
    To do that, follow these steps in order:
    1. move your images to where you want them
    2. either delete or move your thumbnails to where you want them (delete may be faster)
    3. from Admin Tools run "Environmental Setup Page" (to set the new values)
    4. from Admin Tools run "Empty A DB Table"
    5. if you deleted your thumbnails, run "Make Thumbs & Resize Images" selecting only to create thumbnails
    6. from Admin Tools run "Collect Image Information"
    7. from Admin Tools run "Load Image Data"