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*also see "Common Issues" at end of page

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Common Issues & Fixes
  1. SlideShow broken due to apache deflate module
    you can test for it as root by running
      apachectl -M 2> /dev/null | grep deflate
    if it is running, and the slide show is broken, do one of the following
    • if you have root access to the Apache service, run:
        a2dismod deflate
        service apache2 restart
    • otherwise, if htaccess is turned on (you need root to turn on):
      1. create a '.htaccess' file in the cgi-bin directory (the name, starting with a dot is required)
      2. add the single line "RemoveOutputFilter DEFLATE" (no quotes) to the .htaccess file
      3. if htaccess support is enabled then that shold fix the problem